Frequently Asked Questions

We are an automotive company, can you provide us with prototype components in PDC ?
PDC is realised in production processes only, as they need Pressure Dies to cast. However, for prototyping, we provide exact equivalent components with gravity or low-pressure castings providing mechanical properties as required and achieved in PDC. This is achieved through the combination of alloys and treatments.
What are the types of RPT components you provide for Automotive OEMs?
Development of Prototype samples or small Series of all types of CASTINGS of a car or truck.

  • Cylinder heads with Combustion Chambers machined or as cast with desired DAS value, for Diesel and Petrol engines, from Aluminum and Iron.
  • Crankcases with or without Liners and bearing seat, Cam-Covers, Intake & Exhaust Manifolds, Cam-Shafts, Bed-Plates, Oil Sumps, etc.
  • Turbochargers (turbine housings, center(bearing) housings, compressors
  • Intercooler housings and heat exchanger
  • Gear boxes, clutch housings, transmission housings, differential cases etc.
  • Chassis and frame components
  • wheel carriers, axles, suspension parts, steering components
  • Exteriors like mirror holders, extra large intake and exhaust pipes (truck & bus)
  • Roof connectors etc.
What about your services to Aerospace?
AAM’s toolings are used at Aerospace Foundries.
Aerospace castings in Aluminum or Magnesium alloys, being critical and requiring special equipment and facilities are usually poured in the client’s foundries.
In special applications and by high grade of complexity this tooling can be combined with prototype technology, as a mix of tooling, sintered or printed cores.
What is the minimum and maximum number of prototypes you can provide?
With our hybrid technology, we can provide you with a minimum of a single casting and a maximum of thousand castings in series. Serial castings are usually ordered by customers while they wait for completion of their production toolings.
What do you mean by serial castings?

Castings are usually in quantities that can be managed for their complete production with our soft tooling. Starting with prototype parts, the same soft tooling is then continued to provide a series of components.
Though the quantity required is not large, the demand in its complexity and criticality is quite high, and such castings need special attention, just like prototype development. And that’s what AAM is skilled at.

What is hybrid technology?
Depending on the number of castings, for sand moulding, we use a combination of ultra-modern sand printing technology, laser sand sintering technology as well as traditional technology.  With this combination along with our specialized skill set, we can provide single casting and up to several thousand and yet be rapid and cost-efficient.
What other types of castings you cast?
LARGE CASTINGS  in very limited quantities, used for power generation and heavy industries, are what we,
with our traditional technology and skill, have been developing since 1981.
Today with our large Sand Printing machine, the same has become quite convenient and lets us deliver the
casting exceptionally fast.


  • Automotive Powertrain Components
  • Serial production of Marine, Defence, Motor-sport
  • Soft Toolings / SLS / Printed Sand for Foundries
  • Production toolings for Aerospace Castings


  • Conventional (No-bake & Green Sand)
  • Sand Laser Sintering
  • Sand Printing


  • Aluminium, Magnesium
  • Cast Iron (all types of GJL, GJS, ADI, SiMo, Niresist)
  • Steel , Stainleass Steel
  • Copper Base Alloys.
  • Superalloys.

Any other questions?


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