ISO 9001:2015 Certification

In order to guarantee high quality and a stable quality management as well as traceability, the A. A. Modelleria has been continuously complying with the ISO 9001 requirements and standards and currently possessing ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

Lean Six Sigma Methodology

With Lean Six Sigma methodology and its various tools, we are continuously improving our operations and delivery. Saving time and cost, while increasing efficiency and quality, which in turn gives us,  a competitive advantage through differentiation as well as cost leadership.

Micro Analysis





Metallurgy | Spectroscopy | Microscopy | Macroscopy | Radiography | Radioscopy

To ensure the highest raw casting and final part quality, we use the typical industrial standardized branch specific technologies.
Mechanical Properties

Hardness | Tensile Strength | Elongation | Compression | Leakage| Crack Detection

To analyse the mechanical properties  of the casting as per the drawing and special requests.

Hardness Test

Tensile Strength

Infra Red | UV

Magnetic Test


Optical Scaning

Index Arms

CMM control

Casting Surface | Casting Profile | Endoscopy | Targetting

Geometric, Dimensioning & Tolerancing Control

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